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Shropshire based UK brand Faith Guitars have only been around since the early 2000s, but in that comparatively short time have managed to make impressive waves into the acoustic guitar market – not an easy task - especially when their brand can't be propped up by a century of history and known players. However, Faith benefit from cleverly distinctive personal design and being affiliated with of the UK's biggest MI distributors.


They have won the “UK's Best Acoustic Guitar” award from the MIA every year between 2012 – 2016, and now have a vast trendy-hat-brigade of endorsees with haircuts and jackets, and a vibrant social media presence.  Perhaps because of their lack of historical and cultural capital, Faith have steered away from the more traditional body shapes - no straight OMs or Dreadnoughts to be seen - and developed a whole range of their own subtle models, designed by UK luthier Patrick Eggle who is presented as Faith's integral link to credibility. Their body shapes are named after (some of) the planets, and their range is now so extensive it's easy to find oneself floating between them gasping for oxygen... but they're all well made from proper solid tonewood and packed with features.


Here we are taking a look at one of their popular models, an all-mahogany electro-acoustic titled the Venus (mediumish size and shape) Naked (no gloss) Cut (cut-away) or more catchily, the FKVMG.


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Look & Feel


At first glance, the feminine lines of the body, bridge, headstock, the overall slightly soft and gentle appearance make it distinctively a Faith. This model is made from all-solid mahogany, and they've paired this dark tonewood with black hardware including the saddle and nut. The general aesthetic is cohesive and has clearly been thought through, be it your thing or not! It is extremely comfortable to hold, with a great balance and a cutaway for access to the higher frets.


As much as Faith's artists have a tendency to overdress (one could be forgiven for mistaking their website for that of a high street clothing brand), this guitar is from Faith's 'Naked' series, presumably to re(un)dress the balance, and as such has a matt finish which keeps it at a very reasonable price point for an all-solid guitar. Furthermore it has no body binding and only minimal inlay of a slim rosette and characteristic Faith 12th fret marker. Nicely though, the fretboard is bound which makes it feel very soft and easy to play. The frets feel wide and rounded and the nut is a slim 43mm with a low action and light strings, making this a comfortable guitar perhaps well-suited to younger players.



How does it sound?


Overall the tone is well balanced, with impressive sustain especially in the bass and mid-ranges. It would make a great finger-picker for a singer-songwriter, although it'll need heavier gauge strings if you want to thrash chords or flatpick with a plectrum. The mahogany sounds typically “woody” with a focussed and prominent mid-range.


Plugged in, the Shadow pickup does the job. It's a shame they still cut a hole in the side when there are so many soundhole controlled pickups now available, but at least with this you gain the options of EQ, phase button and a built-in tuner. It provides a perfectly stable and usable signal for live work.

In conclusion, for an RRP £599, this is a great guitar for the money as with most of the Faith range. Being a brand owned by their distributors, you often get more value with Faith than some of the other manufacturers, and this is no exception. A feature rich, supremely comfortable modern mid-range instrument with – be it your cup of tea or not – an instantly recognisable visual character. A great all-rounder for home and stage use.