Makers Of High End Guitars For Over 40 Years



Lowden have made and continue to produce some of the most breathtaking guitars ever seen. Each one is a handmade masterpiece that combines top-class skill and expertise with the finest timbers from across the globe and a meticulous attention to all the finer details to produce end products of the highest tonal calibre and feel. A Lowden is more than a guitar, it's an event, a product of skilful creativity at its absolute finest, so when we found out that Lowden had reached the miraculous milestone of 20,000 guitars produced it was no real surprise, Lowden was always going to get there!



To mark the achievement, George Lowden decided to produce a one-off celebration; the Genesis. This is no ordinary guitar, no special edition, it's more than that. It's a piece of history, a guitar world hammer blow, and more than anything else it's the symbol of success, the confirmation that the big must start small and a little achievement is always after a lot of failure. It's all about the name "Genesis", the beginning of everything, and something Lowden has emphasised using some of the finest inlay work ever seen on a guitar. Made with gold, silver and copper, they illustrate the creation of everything, from the big bang through the creation of man and woman. It represents George Lowdens wish with this guitar; to go back to the beginning of everything. It is nothing short of stunning, a visual feast the likes of which have never before been seen on a guitar.



A stunning design set deserves a perfect base to lay it upon. Lowden have succeeded by using the finest master grade African Blackwood. This is a highly revered tonewood, used on many of Lowdens high end acoustics and adored by luthiers and players alike for the rich tone it produces. Coupled with a distinctive soundboard made of Sinker Redwood and the whole guitar looks sensational, a real showstopper on every level. The Lowden guitar traits are ever-present too; the 5-piece neck, the Ebony Headstock cover, and a superbly crafted soundboard bevel. The list of qualities on this guitar are endless!



Being a Lowden this is a very special guitar, and being a one-off means that to get your hands on it is, sadly, highly unlikely. The guitar currently resides at Heartbreaker Guitars in Las Vegas and is for sale at, unsurprisingly, an undisclosed fee! No doubt this guitar is only within the reach of the very priveleged few and in many ways that is a good thing as such exclusivity will do this guitar no harm to its reputation and mystique. What is assured though is that whoever buys this guitar is getting something truly special, a masterpiece of a handmade acoustic guitar and, quite possibly, a piece of history in the making.


Published 17th March 2017