Acus OneForStrings 8 in Wood - 200W


Acus's OneForStrings series has made waves across the UK with its exceptional range of stylish acoustic amps at palatable prices. Here we take a look at the top of the range Acus OneForStrings 8, in wood finish.



Acus produce this series in both black and wood finish, and whilst the black has a charm of its own, the wood finish has proven much more popular, providing a clean and natural look, one that would be much more welcome in the front room than the usual lump of black amp!

We love the wood finish, and it ensures that no two amps look exactly the same.



Plugged in:


The range of options available on this amp is widely documented, and we've put a copy of the spec below, so I won't go into great detail but it essentially acts like a mini PA system, with 4 channels (2x XLR or jack, 1x jack and 1x Phono), so is usable over a wide range of environments.


The sound for acoustic instruments is excellent. Big, bright and exceptionally clear, it is much less muggy than some other acoustic amps we have come across, and has a usable range of reverb effects that can be individually controlled on each channel.


It works particularly well with acoustic guitars and string instruments in that range, but also handles the high frequencies of a violin admirably. One word of caution however, these amps are not designed to handle the lowest frequencies of a bass guitar – particularly at high volumes. Like any amp that is not dedicated to bass, if you're pushing low frequencies at peaking high volumes through it for a long time, you may run into trouble. At low volumes however it handles those frequencies brilliantly.


Useful too if you're using the amp at home, or indeed at gigs where you need to quickly put your iPod on after your set to placate the crowd's drunken chants for an Abba greatest hits encore, the OneForStrings 8 has a phono input for MP3s so (with the right cable) you can plug in. It also has a balanced DI output so it can be run into a large PA system and just used for on-stage monitoring.





A superbly clean sounding acoustic amp with lots of flexibility which means it can function as a little PA in its own right. Brilliant looks and excellent value compared to some of the more well-known brands in this area. The whole OneForStrings series is well worth a look.




Spec for the OneForStrings 8:

"Features 4x channels. If you're looking for a portable, versatile package to reproduce the sound of your acoustic instrument, look no further than this Acus range.

Features three inputs (two MIC-LINE and one LINE) complete with PEAK LED, GAIN, 3-band EQ, effect SEND and VOLUME.

The versatility of this model is enhanced by an AUX input with dedicated volume control and 2-band EQ; two direct outputs (LINE and REC) and a manual "feedback canceller" filter.

The headphone output with dedicated volume control and eight high-quality digital effects round out the multi-faceted feautures of the system."

  Frequency Response
Max Power Out
System format
Woofer Power
Tweeter / Horn Power
Sensitivity 1W 1m
Woofer size
High Freq driver
40Hz - 20kHz
200W RMS
2 way biamp.
150W RMS
Compression tweeter
2 way bass reflex
Height: 37.5cm
Width: 27.5cm
Depth: 31.5cm