by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., October 2017

With low wattage boutique amps in vogue at the moment, we're taking a look at German manufacturers ENGL's Gigmaster 15.


Engl Gigmaster 15W E310 All-Valve Combo


Very much in keeping with their range of combos, this little amp has a plain and simple design. No fancy retro tweed or mesh here, just a simple blend of modern simplicity and chicken-head control knobs. Some might say it's a little uninspiring, but those people could always perk it up with a Forest Green Rovers sticker or an embroidered tea towell from their favourite Hoxton 2nd hand umbrella shop.

It's a small, compact little amp and as such is very easy to transport. Its simple design means it looks rugged and useable, but wouldn't look out of place in the studio either - in fact, that's where this amp excels.




From such a little box, the Gigmaster 15 makes a surprising amount of clean, controlled volume. It benefits from clean and lead channels and a 3 band EQ to adjust your tone. The lead channel is accessed via a button on the front of the amp, but can also be footswitched controlled (optional extra). It also has a useful Mid Boost switch, to give your tone extra presence in certain situations.

It's a very organic sounding amp for clean recording in the studio, and also works brilliantly with the input gain up high and the master low for a natural crunchy valve break up. The lead channel is perhaps a little thin for heavy crushing tones, but that is most likely due to the size of the box which copes remarkably well nonetheless.

A great amp for small venues, which could be easily miked-up for larger ones but would be most comfortable for home or studio use.