Larrivée P-02 2017


Larrivée have recently re-introduced their acclaimed stripped back -02 range into the UK, and here we take a look at their P-02 Parlour.


In the past few years, Larrivée have become renowned for their small size guitars, with the P-03 Walnut becoming one of the hottest little guitars on the market. This P-02 is built at the same facility in California as all their models, and as such retains a fantastic level of build quality. Aside from the simpler binding and slightly plainer tonewoods, there really is little to tell them apart from their more expensive -03 range models.


Simple bindings, and quality, solid but un-fancy tonewoods, this is a no-nonsense looking parlour where the build quality shines rather than aesthetically striking figuring or ornate inlays. A Canadian Sitka Spruce top is combined with African Sapele back and sides, with one-piece mahogany neck and a hand fit dovetail joint. Amazingly for the price point, it still has an ebony fretboard and bridge, and this particular guitar being reviewed has the lovely mini JCL engraved machine heads – but I would be surprised if that was standard across this model.


Sound and Play

From first strum, what's impressive with these Larrivée parlours is the surprisingly rich bass response. For such a small body, it is remarkable. Obviously you'll never get the bass of a larger body but for a parlour, it's very very good. The tone overall is warm and rich, with excellent definition and sustain in the upper registers, particularly when finger picked up at the dusty end.


It even responds well when strummed, with perhaps a slightly cloudy mid-range but overall a highly impressive response when up against higher end parlours.


Playability is excellent throughout, as we've come to expect from Larrivée, with a great feeling satin finish neck.



We were very happy to hear the -02 range was being reintroduced, and if this P-02 is anything to go by, they're going to be a big hit. For under 1k, Made in USA with a fitted hard case included, this is a great value instrument. You certainly get more options in terms of woods with the -03 range, but if value is what you're after, you can't go wrong with an -02!